In Memory Of Whitney

It is hard to describe all that was Whitney Jaynes in a few paragraphs. She was a twenty-year-old girl becoming a woman, from a small town that would change the lives of those she loved forever. Whitney struggled with substance abuse, but she fought a war within herself with every bit of strength she had. This war of mental health and addiction affects a large percentage of those around us every day. Whitney looked at life with a different perspective. She radiated an aura of empathy with every person she met. Her spirit was transparent!

From thirteen to twenty years old Whitney spent her time diving into the depths of her own soul to help others and enlighten the world. Before her mental health became an eluding obstacle, she loved dance, the simplest forms of nature, and wondrously feeling at one with the planet. This self-discovery expedition was fueled by her ability to not only survive her inner weakness and trauma, but to overcome it.

Whitney loved deeply and used laughter to inspire others. She was the friend you could always come to, and her loyalty to her family was deeper than most could see. Her mother was her safety, and her sister was her friend. Those she had relationships with found her to be devoted, quirky and sometimes very sarcastic. Her bluntness made her alluring and sometimes exciting.

Whitney did not hold back. She could be difficult when she felt attacked by her inner critic, but deep inside she had a heart of gold. She used her compassion for helping others to become a recovery coach. By sharing her personal story of addiction, Whitney was able to educate adolescents on the dangers of substance use.

She enjoyed music and listening to every little beat behind the words. Whitney danced and sang with all her might to electronic music and rap. Graphic design was a passion of Whitney's in her high school days! Her style was iconic. She rocked the boldly drawn-out winged eyeliner with pink or red lipstick to emphasize her beauty.

She knew life was short and proudly embraced every minute even during her substance abuse battle. Whitney found recovery from addiction when she entered the rehabilitation program on the Kids Escaping Drugs Renaissance Campus. They helped her with codependency, her too forgiving nature, and the skills to lead a life free from the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, a spur of the moment decision changed Whitney's trajectory forever.

On November 21st, 2018, Whitney's soul departed this world and now travels the sands of time. Heroin may have caused her departure, but she gave addiction a run for its money! Whitney's passing freed her from the pain she battled within, but she left a legacy of strength for those who are continuing their fight here on earth. This epidemic is a puzzle of beautiful souls and together we will solve it one piece at a time!

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