Stabilization will be available in 2021

What is Stabilization?

“Stabilization” is designed to stabilize the physical and mental health of individuals so they are able to connect to the next level of care. For individuals seeking admission for mild to moderate withdrawal, medication assisted treatment and counseling will be offered. For those individuals seeking services to stabilize a mental health disorder an assessment to determine the best course of treatment will be provided. The goal of stabilization is to reduce the effects of withdrawal, cravings, mental health symptoms and alleviate physical health issues.

Promise House is a 15 bed facility for males ages 15-23

Palmerton Place is a 15 bed facility for females ages 15-23

What to expect in Stabilization?

  • A supportive setting that promotes abstinence
  • Safe environment to monitor and manage symptoms of withdrawal
  • A complete medication protocol to assist in withdrawal management
  • Screening and stabilization of other mental/physical health disorders
  • Skill development to manage triggers and cravings
  • Support to engage in ongoing care for the attainment of recovery
  • Establish linkages for continued care for family members

Interested in Stabilization?

Stabilization is available by appointment only. For more information, please contact our medical admissions staff at 716-827-9462.