Welcome to our Reintegration Program!

“Reintegration” provides a community living setting with limited supervision and/or case management; persons appropriate for these services are transitioning to long term recovery from a substance use disorder to independent living in the community.

For some adolescents and young adults, living at home and returning to daily life outside the treatment program may create a higher risk of relapse due to a variety of reasons.

Our Reintegration Program allows for on-going care in a safe and supportive environment with a high degree of behavioral accountability.  Adolescents and young adults ages 15-24, will begin a process of slowly integrating into the community while remaining focused on their individualized recovery program.  Treatment services for their substance use and mental health needs will be provided in the community based on individual need.

Our Reintegration Program provides you with a stable and drug-free environment that will assist you in reintroducing yourself into society, after completing an inpatient treatment program.  You will be a part of a recovery community, become responsible for household tasks, and be given accountability to stay sober by having drug screening tests and breathalyzers performed.  While residing in Promise House or Palmerton Place, you will also have social support from peers that are in the Reintegration Program with you. 

Promise House is a 15 bed facility for males ages 15-23.

Palmerton Place is a 15 bed facility for females ages 15-23.

What to expect in Reintegration

  • Provides individuals with a safe, substance free environment with peers
  • Assists in the development of relationships with people supportive of their recovery
  • Increases independence and self-confidence through decision making
  • Assists with the transition back into the community through involvement in school, outpatient services, vocational programming and other ambulatory care

Components of Reintegration Program


Our clinical staff will assist in coordinating treatment services that are provided in the community and include clinical and recovery focused services.

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Case Management

Our Case Manager offers comprehensive services and support to our residents who are in need of assistance with improving their quality of life and further enhancing their integration into the community.  

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Meet the Team

Meet our talented and dedicated staff in the Reintegration Program!

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Read what adolescents have to say about their time in our Reintegration Program.

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Virtual Tour of the Houses


Take a tour of Promise House and Palmerton Place!


Interested in reintegration?

For more information, please contact one of our reintegration admissions staff:
(716) 827-9462
Please note that prior to admission you must first complete a Department of Social Services Application.