What is Reintegration?

“Reintegration” provides a community living setting with limited supervision and/or case management; persons appropriate for these services are transitioning to long term recovery from a substance use disorder to independent living in the community.

Promise House is a 15 bed facility for males ages 15-23

Palmerton Place is a 15 bed facility for females ages 15-23

What to expect in Reintegration

  • Provides individuals with a safe, substance free environment with peers
  • Assists in the development of relationships with people supportive of their recovery
  • Increases independence and self-confidence through decision making
  • Assists with the transition back into the community through involvement in school, outpatient services, vocational programming and other ambulatory care

Interested in reintegration?

For more information, please contact one of our reintegration admissions staff:
(716) 827-9462
Please note that prior to admission you must first complete a Department of Social Services Application.