What is Rehabilitation?

“Rehabilitation” is the action of restoring someone to a healthy lifestyle through therapeutic interventions. They may have significant functional impairment in areas such as social interaction, employment, cognitive skills and the ability to follow social norms. These deficiencies require restructuring of social supports and behaviors in order to develop sufficient skills. Individuals suffering from the disease of addiction require services in a structured environment with staffing to provide monitoring, support and case management.

Stepping Stones is a 16 bed facility for females ages 12-20

Renaissance House is a 31 bed facility for males ages 12-20

What to expect in Rehabilitation?

  • Offers a safe and supportive environment where patients can learn about addiction and the recovery process
  • Assists patients with educational/vocational skills development
  • Provides families with the tools to develop a healthy family structure that provides support and reinforces the skills and behaviors that were established in treatment
  • Encourages a variety of healthy recreational and leisure-time activities

The Renaissance Campus offers a full-service residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for adolescents ages 12-20 including on-site mental health professionals and a full time medical staff. We believe in a person centered approach and treating every aspect of an individual’s recovery. While in treatment we provide individualized counseling, case management, discharge planning and medication management. Individuals will participate in mindfulness group, vocational group, relapse prevention group, identifying sober supports within the community, learn to manage their overall health and learning daily living skills. These habits are essential for individuals who are determined to succeed in their recovery.

Components of Residential Rehabilitation Treatment


Our counseling staff utilizes a variety of clinical activities to address all treatment issues that may be presented. We focus on evidence-based therapeutic interventions that best assist us in patient engagement, retention, problem identification and resolution. These include: individual and group counseling, specialized recovery and skills based groups, art therapy, therapeutic recreation, family counseling, and trauma informed care. Our multidisciplinary team is trained to guide our adolescents and young adults, to embrace a sober lifestyle and begin their journey of recovery.


Our medical team of MDs, RNs and LPNs provide professional assistance during this important time of physical recovery and return individuals to good health.  Lessons are provided on the medical impact of addiction and ways to maintain healthy bodies.


We believe that working with families and loved ones is critical to the recovery process.  Family counseling offers an opportunity for family members to address the impact of a loved one’s addiction on their home environment and to identify and implement healthy changes.


Individuals continue or resume their education under the guidance of Certified New York State teachers.  After a thorough assessment, an individualized education plan is coordinated with the student’s home school district. We are also a TASC preparation and testing site.

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Art Therapy

For those individuals recovering from substance abuse, a creative form of self–expression can be an important step in recovery. Through artistic expression, people are able to communicate thoughts or ideas in a way that verbal communication is sometimes incapable of. The benefits of Art Therapy are numerous, including improving self-management, alleviating symptoms of depression, improving communication skills, addressing past trauma, reducing stress, building self-esteem and improving problem solving skills. 

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Our recreation program uses physical education and exercise to strengthen self-image, improve mood, and promote healthy lifestyles.  Group activities are designed to improve communication skills and to teach both group and individual sportsmanship.

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Interested in Rehabilitation?

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