The Renaissance Campus

Through guiding lives and giving hope, we empower adolescents and families to be successful on their journey of recovery from the disease of addiction.

Our focus on the Renaissance Campus is assisting adolescents and young adults in building a better future. Our team of compassionate and experienced staff guide not only the adolescent or young adult, but their families through the process of recovery.  We welcome all people regardless of race, religion, sexuality, or gender identity to come seek treatment in a safe and inclusive environment.

We offer a full continuum of care including: Early Intervention, Stabilization(2021), Rehabilitation and Reintegration (Halfway House). All of the services provided on the campus are both person centered and trauma informed. We work collaboratively with those we serve and we focus on the impact trauma has had on individual lives as well as its impact on recovery and needed services.

Trauma informed care promotes a philosophy of safety, empowerment, and healing. In other words, the link between trauma informed care and addiction treatment is the same as the link between recovery and resilience: bringing the two together translates into holistic care for individuals who have experienced both trauma and addiction. Our team uses a person centered approach allowing the adolescent or young adult to be an active participant in their own recovery by developing and implementing an individualized recovery program. Being an active participant and using a person centered approach views the individual as the expert in identifying their needs to facilitate recovery. Treatment can begin at any level of care. Our team of professionals will complete a comprehensive assessment and determine the right placement for each individual that meets their needs to begin their wellness journey.

Early Intervention

Students identified as being “at risk” by educators, parents, or doctors are provided with an opportunity for a private, one-time session on the Renaissance Campus with their parent(s), a counselor, and peers in recovery. Parents are provided with educational materials, and referrals to treatment services are made as necessary. Read More


The stabilization period can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Individuals immediate physical and mental health needs are assessed and monitored in this setting. The treatment may include Medically Assisted Treatment, Addiction Education, Individual Counseling and Group therapy. At the completion of stabilization, the individual should be physically and mentally ready to move on to the next phase of their treatment plan, whether it is continued residential or outpatient treatment. Read More


As no two individuals are alike, neither are their recovery journeys. Renaissance Campus residential treatment program provides a range of traditional addiction treatments and alternative skill building groups to assist in helping each patient individualize care that works for them. Our 47 bed residential treatment program offers gender specific programs that provide a safe environment which encourages patients to explore their feelings and to deal with the root causes of their addiction. Since addiction does not only effect the patient, but the family, our program offers joint family therapy sessions to open the lines of communication between the adolescent or young adult, allowing them to devise a plan together for a healthier relationship moving forward. Read More

Reintegration (Halfway House)

For some adolescents or young adults, living at home and returning to daily life outside the treatment program may create a higher risk of relapse due to a variety of reasons. The Reintegration program allows for ongoing care in a gender specific supportive environment. Adolescents and young adults will begin a process of slowly integrating into the community while remaining focused on their individualized recovery program. Treatment services for their substance use and mental health needs will be provided in the community based on individual need. Read More

Palmerton Place was made possible through a grant awarded by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.  This house was made a home through the generosity of the Diane and Ronald Pierce Family Charitable Fund. We would also like to thank the Christopher A. Palmerton Jr. Foundation for their long term commitment to our future programming. 

Our Deputy Executive Director, Jodie Altman sat down with Dave Fields from WYRK to talk about the services our Campus provides and what we’ve been up to during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Click the link below to view the segment.

Interview with Dave Fields


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