The Discovery Program

The treatment program offered to patients on the Renaissance Campus is called the Discovery Program. The program has four phases, and is designed to motivate and assist adolescents and young adults on their road to recovery. Phase 1 - A time of assessment and orientation to engage patients in the treatment process. Phase 2 - A time for the patients to learn about addiction and take an active part in planning for recovery. Phase 3 - A time for patients to strengthen their commitment to a drug-free lifestyle and to practice sober living. Phase 4 - A time for patients to further develop the skills necessary to establish a solid aftercare program, including off campus voc-ed pursuits and/or employment.  

Family Programming

We believe that working with family and loved ones is critical to the recovery process. Family counseling offers an opportunity for family members to identify the stress of living with addiction and replace it with healthy alternatives for a productive life. Families have the opportunity to participate in weekly family programming. This programming educates family members about addiction and recovery. Families also participate in bi-weekly sessions with their child's counselor. These sessions provide an environment for facilitated and therapeutic discussion, which is necessary for family healing.  

Other Programs

Clinical  - Our counseling staff utilizes a variety of activities including: group therapy, lectures, individual counseling and multidisciplinary team treatment planning to assist patients in learning how to change and abstain from drugs. Medical - Our medical team provides professional assistance during this important time of physical recovery and return to good health. Lectures are provided on medical aspects of addiction and ways to maintain healthy bodies. Education - Our patients continue their education or resume their education under the guidance of Certified NYS teachers. Each patient is assessed for appropriate educational needs and our teachers then coordinate each student's curriculum with the home school district. We are also a licensed TASC preparation and test site. Recreation - Our recreation program is designed to strengthen self-image and provide for both individual and group sportsmanship. Activities are also planned to foster the recovery of the family and improve ability to understand and communicate with each other. Art Therapy - Our licensed Art Therapist delivers a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Mental Health - Our licensed mental health team assists patients who struggle with co-occurring disorders. Vocational - Patients are administered aptitude tests and provided with career counseling and academic advisement. Patients also explore future vocational training and/or employment opportunities.