Face2Face presentations for parents establish a convenient and stigma proof way to educate parents and concerned community members about the trends and consequences of adolescent substance use and addiction. Our proactive panels include an addiction counselor as well as a relatable parent and/or adolescent in recovery (when available) to deliver this strong message. Additionally this program provides information about treatment resources available in the WNY community.

The goals of the program include

  • Educating families and community members of the prevalence and harmful effects of alcohol and drug experimentation, use, and dependence among adolescents.
  • Providing resources for substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery.
  • Encouraging healthy choices among youth regarding the consequences of experimentation and addiction.
  • Enhancing school and community programming by providing an opportunity to become educated on an ever-evolving and prevalent topic.

" I can only hope that other communities, schools, and parents open their eyes and seek out Kids Escaping Drugs in a proactive educational manner before we lose more kids to substance abuse and addiction."

-Dennis Kenney,
Principal (retired), Iroquois High School


For more information, or to make an appointment please contact:
Ashley Gedra (716) 827-9462 & Brittany Smorol (716) 827-9462