In Memory Of Michael

Michael was my nephew. He was an amazing young man who had so much love to give. He blessed our lives for 31 years from 6/2/1986-6/23/2017. Michael was full of a fiery passion for absolutely any subject that intrigued him. He once set his sights on becoming a DJ and taught himself and mastered the equipment in just a few weeks! He was then playing shows and working with artists to create personalized beats!

He had tons of friends. Making friends was easy for him because he loved to talk to anyone and everyone, everywhere he went. He had a heart of gold. It was nothing to him to help people out. He had two beautiful daughters he loved with all his heart. He was a big brother to Tamra, Bart and Sara. At a young age Michael learned how to work on cars and weld so it was nothing for him to find cheap cars and fix them up. If you needed something looked at, he was the guy to go to.

He was a handyman and loved to help his grandmother around her house fixing things or remodeling stuff. Racing BMX bikes was a lifelong passion of his that started before the age of 10. He was a daredevil when it came to performing tricks on them. He lived in California for a few years, and while he was there he became friends with a couple of pro BMX riders. He also liked to race remote control cars. He joined a club in California to race his remote control cars and in his spare time he would build custom ones. When he moved back to Buffalo, he went into the music industry and became a DJ. His stage name was "DJ En.why." He had become part of a group called 4Quarters and would DJ shows with them. He also became friends with a young man known as Del Haze and became his personal DJ and helped him produce songs.

Michael was a "jack of all trades" who was able to perfect everything that he tried. He would practice endlessly until he had it down pact. He was brilliant. Michael never let anyone, or anything hold him back. These traits, amongst many more, will be a few of the reasons why the world will never be the same without him.

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