In Memory Of Melissa

It was truly an honor to have Melissa as a part of our lives, even if it was only for a short while. The years that Missy was with us, she filled our hearts with memories, love, and laughs that will last us a lifetime. Melissa was an amazing mom, a caring daughter, a devoted sister, an adoring granddaughter, a silly cousin, a special niece, and a best friend to many! She meant the world to each one of us. She leaves behind a huge family and many friends who will miss her deeply until the day we will see her again. Here are some words from some of the people who miss her most.

"I miss my mom. I miss her because she was sweet to me. My favorite part about Mommy was that she cared about me. I love my mom." -Mason, Melissa's Son

"I miss your smile, your voice, and that contagious laugh. You always knew how to brighten up any room. You left us with the most beautiful gift of all, your son. He has your smile, your giggle, and your quirky personality. You brought so much joy much into our family. I still say if only. If only I could hug you one more time and tell you how much I love you. You will always be my sunshine." -Nancy, Melissa's Mom

"I think the thing that stands out the most for me is how strong and smart Melissa was. She never tried to be better than anyone, just herself all the time. A lot of people didn't like that, but I really did. One of my last times with her, we watched a movie, just the two of us, and I felt that it was her way of trying to say goodbye. You had to be there to understand but it was my favorite alone time with her, my little baby girl." - Robert, Melissa's Dad

"I met Melissa when she was four years old and instantly fell in love with her. She could be the funniest, goofiest girl but on the other hand, she was totally down to earth, and I cherished our heartfelt talks. I miss her smile, her laugh, but most of all, I miss not being able to pick up the phone and call her. It could be to tell her something funny, or just to tell her that I love her and that she was a beautiful person." -Robin, Melissa's Stepmom

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