In Memory Of Kelsey

When we think of Kelsey, immediately her infectious smile comes to mind. That smile would lighten up a room and bring joy to everyone around her. Kelsey was a beautiful young woman, full of life and goals she had set for herself. She looked forward to finding that special person, getting married, and having children. Kelsey had many special friends and a family who loved her dearly. Kelsey was considered to be a "protector." She would do anything for someone she cared for. She was intelligent, enjoyed sports, and meeting new people.

Our lives have changed since Kelsey's death. There are many things that we miss. Friday was Kelsey and Mom day. We would go shopping in the morning and she would join the family for dinner. That was the best day of the whole week! Kelsey would spend one on one time with her dad. She was his "little girl" and was always there when she needed him. Kelsey has a brother who she adored. He has just become a father and she will miss out on being an aunt. I picture Kelsey looking at her brother with great pride because of the special man he has become.

As a family, we continue forward each day with that undeniable pain still inside. We still struggle but know that she is watching over us from heaven. Even though she isn't here we feel her presence in everything we do. As a family, we will always remember and cherish the time we had with Kelsey.

I am grateful for Kids Escaping Drugs and the many other places around the country that are helping adolescents struggling with addiction. We will never forget the joy that Kelsey brought to not only our lives, but everyone she touched. "We only part to meet again."

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