In Memory Of Jesse

Jesse was the youngest of our family. He was a brother to his sister, Rachel and his brother, Joe. He was a perfect baby and a shy little boy with a mischievous smile. As a toddler, he loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. He was not into sports, but he was the boy who loved his family, friends, and had a special bond with his dog, Cleo. Jesse also had a love and talent when it came to music. He started on the drums. I smile now when I think back on how it drove us crazy. Soon after mastering the drums, he learned that he was much better at playing his acoustic guitar, which he played every day. Jesse graduated from Iroquois High School and worked as a cook at a local restaurant in East Aurora. After work, Jesse would spend most evenings playing his guitar or video games, often with one of his many close friends.

Jesse was one of those kids who loved everyone he met, and they loved him back. He was that boy who always said, "I love you!" and you knew he meant it with all his heart. He was a real gentleman with a dry sense of humor that would always make you smile. Jesse had a smile that would light up a room.

Jesse loved to have fun and be with his friends. According to those in his close circle of friends, Jesse played hard and lived life like he wanted. Unfortunately, on June 22, 2015, at the young age of 24 years old, Jesse played too hard and lost his life. His leaving us left a huge void in so many lives - friends and family alike. The favorite guitar that he played every day was used by his close friend to play "Wish You Were Here" at his memorial service. He is loved and missed so very much.

We miss celebrating major family milestones with Jesse - special birthdays, his brother's wedding celebration. We missed experiencing the excitement with him when his brother become a father for the first time, and he was not there for the birth of his twin nieces (Avery Jesse and Bailey Grace). There have been many major milestones missed, but we miss the day-to-day events the most. A simple "I love you" as he leaves the house or ending a phone call, the family dinners, and the trips to get ice cream on his birthday. As a celebration of his life, every year on Jesse's birthday, friends and family meet at his favorite ice cream shop to share stories and eat ice cream in memory of Jesse - twist cone with rainbow sprinkles please!

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