The goals of the program include

  • Educating families and community members of the prevalence and harmful effects of alcohol and drug experimentation, use, and dependence among adolescents.
  • Providing resources for substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery.
  • Encouraging healthy choices among youth regarding the consequences of experimentation and addiction.
  • Enhancing community work organizations' Employee Assistance Programs and providing companies an opportunity to encourage work-life balance among their employees.

"Our employees were educated, inspired, shocked, and ultimately, grateful for the interactive dialogue. Questions were asked and answered; feedback was encouraged and given; and senior management was thanked for providing the opportunity. We viewed this training opportunity as a benefit designed not just for the employee, but their family as well."

Pat Greco
Operations Manager, Buffalo Coca-Cola


For more information, or to make an appointment please contact:
Ashley Gedra (716) 827-9462 & Brittany Smorol (716) 827-9462