"I started volunteering for KED years ago because I worked in a special education preschool/early intervention program. I saw babies and toddlers who were impacted socially, cognitively or medically by the drug or alcohol use of their mothers. I knew that KED helped teenagers and would eventually have an impact on the babies of the future." I love volunteering for KED because it is so well run and organized. Everyone involved in this program is dedicated to making a better life for the teenagers. The events are always fun and the proceeds go to such a worthy cause. Plus, the staff is appreciative of all volunteers. I'm always impressed by the progress the young people make in this program. I've had the opportunity to meet teens and a few parents who have had children in this program and it literally has made positive changes in their lives." Cathi Ullenbrach, a proud volunteer "I first became a Kids Escaping Drugs volunteer way back when the office was located on Elmwood Avenue. Then I had the privilege of becoming a Board Member when the idea of a campus was only a vision and we were in the beginning stages of raising the money needed for this project. When we decided to have a Telethon to help raise funds, as well as, awareness I became the volunteer coordinator for the Telethon held at the Channel 2 studios." "Turner Construction had the privilege of providing Pre-Construction and Construction Management services for the new construction of two (2) one-story buildings on the existing campus. The $1,700,000, 16 bed residence building and the resource center project was completed in 2002. Since that time Turner employees continue to volunteer at several of the community events, such as Galleria of Treats, Gus Macker, and Erie County Fair that ensure fundraising revenue so that this exceptional and much needed program can continue to make a difference in the lives of our children. Thank you for allowing us to help and support your mission." Your Friends at Turner Construction