"We need to inform parents about the dangers of not knowing what is going on in their child's day to day life. KED is a great vehicle to provide that information in a non-threatening manner. We love having KED as a partner in this effort!" Jill Sherman, Principal Cleve-Hill High School "I've heard many positive comments from parents, students and staff about what a great program you provided." Gil Licata, Principal Starpoint "Hearing other teens share how drugs and alcohol have robbed them of the most precious years of their life has proven to be a profound experience for our students. An experience we could never offer without the support and services from the Kid Escaping Drugs program." Jon MacSwan, Superintendent Cleve-Hill School District "The sincerity of the speakers was powerful and moving. This was a presentation impossible to describe as just another "say no" talk. It was a profoundly moving experience." Tim McCarthy, Dean of Students Nichols School

A HUGE West Middle Thank You

"Thanks for encouraging me not to do drugs. I have also been pressured to do things I didn't want to do." "When the assembly began I thought it was going to be another stupid lecture about something that happened far away to some kid, but it turned out to be real. When I hear people talking about something that happened to them it touches me deeper." "You really did make a difference for me. You made me think about the kind of people I hang out with and the things I do. I'm going to try and fix them before they get bad." "It really hit home because finally someone our age was telling us, not some 50 year old person. I took your entire story to heart." "It really meant a lot to me that you came to my school. Your story inspired me beyond anything I had in mind when I walked into the auditorium." "Most of my friends say that drugs aren't addicting, but there's no way I believe that considering I just heard your story. I could relate to what you told me. Thanks to you I'm going to try harder and live above the influence." "Your stories really made me realize what drugs can do to you. I never want to be in that situation. Hopefully I won't because after I heard your stories I don't want to do drugs. You made an impact on my life. I will always remember your life stories." "Thank you for telling us your life stories. This will forever change my point of view about drugs." "I thought your stories were very close to home and real. Thank you for your time and advice on not getting involved in drugs and alcohol. Needless to say, I will avoid them with all my life because that's what is in the balance." "I never knew how dangerous drugs could be. I knew they were dangerous, but I didn't know like that. You probably saved the lives of all of us that were in that room. I always thought about taking drugs, but now I never will." "I saw your presentation and it changed my life." "I told myself I would never do drugs. But on 10/22/08 I knew that I will never, ever do drugs in my life. The stories you told us told me that I do NOT want to have anything to do with drugs. Thank you so much for the presentation." "The assembly is going to have a huge impact on my life. I do not want to do drugs and I know I won't. Knowing everything these people went through I just can't imagine me going threw it. I really appreciate what they did. I can't promise they will save the world by doing this, but I do know they saved my life."

Thank you from Kenmore Middle School

"I really think you connected with me and my fellow classmates. Hopefully we will learn from your mistakes. I know that if ever confronted with drugs or alcohol, I will think of the speech you gave. We are rooting for you here at KMS!" Sarah "Thank you for coming to our school and talking to us. Talks like the one you gave change the way I think about drugs and alcohol." Brendan "Your story was very touching. I followed your advice and I told my parents and my friends who don't go to this school your story and now they are aware. I really could be anybody, even if you don't think it. Thank you again for saving us. I will remember you and your story for a long time." Katie "The day you came in I wrote about you in my diary. You really inspired me, you're truly my idol."                                                                                                                                                                   Jessica "I would not do drugs because of your story. I bet you tried hard to quit, because I tried to quit cracking my knuckles but it didn't work. I will always think of you when someone asks me to smoke and I'll say no." Lana "A lot of us in the auditorium (including me) were thinking it would never happen to us. You taught us to think differently about drugs. Until now I had thought that people that got addicted to drugs came from bad neighborhoods. Now I know that it could happen to me, too. I'm sure that a lot of other people in the auditorium are thinking that you saved lives when you came and talked to us. Thanks so much." Katherine "I thought the only kids that tried it (drugs) and got addicted were those that didn't care about school or had a bad family. You helped me realize that you were just like us with a good family and you cared about school. The way you tell your story is inspiring and you will end up saving some kid's life like mine because they'll think of you and your story and realize it's not worth it. Thank you so much for telling us your story." Samantha