Life Skills Class

Life Skills Class

Patients of the Rehabilitation program that have either obtained their diploma or completed TASC continue their education with a life skills class. This class promotes continuing education by providing patients with a variety of skills that are important for day to day life.

Discussion topics include but are not limited to:

  • Job readiness including transferable/marketable skills, resume building, cover letters and problem solving in the workplace
  • Leadership skills and how to be a successful team player
  • Self-motivation and how to take initiative
  • Responsibility and character building
  • Communication skills including conflict management and effective communication styles
  • Cooking Fridays – patients choose a simple recipe to follow and spend class learning about the kitchen and the necessary steps for each recipe
  • Planning, organizing and time management
  • Money – how to save, how to make a budget, how to open a savings/checking account
  • Emotional maturity, self-control and stress management 
  • Decision making process and how to make good decisions

About Amanda Harrigan:

Amanda is the Life Skills Teacher for the Rehabilitation program. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Journalism Communication from Gannon University and is continuing her education at Medaille College in order to obtain a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. Amanda has several years of experience working with at risk youth in the community and holds a part time job through the county’s WRAP program as a skill builder.

Have questions regarding our Life Skills Program?

For more information please contact:
Amanda Harrigan (716) 827-9462 x354