Welcome to Renaissance Campus School!

Our mission is to provide quality educational and vocational opportunities to all of our patients and residents, and help each one be successful in reaching their educational and vocational goals.  We offer High School, TASC Preparation, and Life Skills classes, as well as off-campus vocational and educational endeavors for our reintegration residents.  Through our funding from West Seneca Central Schools, our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology, the latest textbooks and preparation materials, and ever-expanding courses offered by our NYS certified educators. 

We take pride in providing our patients and residents with the highest-level education, many of whom start their post-treatment lives with a High School or High School Equivalency diploma earned while on our campus.  Your education doesn’t need to slow down while in treatment, and we encourage all patients and residents to pursue educational and vocational opportunities while they are with us. 

The education staff wants to see as much progress and success as possible for the individuals on campus.  Our teachers are dedicated to:

  • Provide a safe, comfortable environment at school.
  • Work one-on-one with individuals during the school day.
  • Collaborate with each student’s school district throughout the semesters.
  • Create/administer quality lesson plans and correct all assignments.


High School Program

Individuals who arrive at Renaissance Campus are temporarily displaced from their school districts. However, the well-educated staff here works to ensure that a smooth transition occurs into our high school program. Overall, the goal is to ensure that individuals can continue back at their home districts, along with their peers, once they have graduated from the Kids Escaping Drugs Renaissance Campus recovery program.

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TASC Preparation (Former GED Program)

Many residents entering treatment have dropped out of high school or have too many classes to make up in order to graduate. Fortunately, all residents have a chance to earn a High School Equivalency diploma!

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Life Skills Class

Patients of the Rehabilitation program that have either obtained their diploma or completed TASC continue their education with a life skills class.

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Vocational/Educational Program

Residents of the reintegration program are expected to obtain a part time job, be in school or do volunteer work to successfully complete the program.

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For more information please contact:

Philip Peluso, Education Coordinator, (716) 827-9462 x353,