In Memory Of Danny

Daniel (Danny) Frawley 8/28/86 - 4/17/14
As a young boy, Danny Frawley loved scouts and camping. He was a loyal friend, loved to laugh and was never afraid to give his dad a hug in public. His parents taught him to never be ashamed to show you love someone. Danny was the apple of his younger sister, Cassie's eye, and protector of her heart; having guided her through life's experiences. Her big brother was her confidant and her friend. To his Aunt Sissy, Danny was the other half of her heart. They shared a close bond that spanned a lifetime and could never be broken; and they shared a compassion for helping others. Even while facing his own struggles, Danny was always reaching out to and helping others facing addiction, homelessness, and life trials; this was evidenced by the outpouring of testimony shared with his family at and following his funeral services. To all who knew and loved him, and who were blessed by his caring soul, Danny was someone who left an everlasting loving mark on the soul. Danny's hopes and dreams included recovery from addiction, getting married, securing employment and reconnecting with his family. Some of his hopes and dreams were fulfilled, while others were on their way to being fulfilled, prior to his untimely passing in 2014.

Danny was remembered for his big bear hugs which could heal any wound, physical or emotional. He always knew what to say to make one's heart whole, and he brought humor to even the darkest moments. Danny had a special gift for reading people. He could see and feel things that others would overlook. One felt comfortable confiding in him because he was such a caring and charismatic guy! As expressed by his loving sister Cassie, "I can hear his cackle in the back of my mind when I see his smile in photographs, and it warms my soul. He lives on in all the lives he shaped; igniting change and spreading compassion."

Since 2015 Danny's loving legacy has been carried forward through an annual WNY-area campaign organized by his family, titled "Stuff the Sneakers: Help & Hope for Homelessness and Addiction." The campaign collects and distributes community donations of footwear and personal care items to local organizations that service adults, youth and children facing homelessness, addiction and or related less fortunate circumstances. In 2021, the campaign welcomed Kids Escaping Drugs as an additional community partner who benefited from campaign donations.

Daniel (Danny) Frawley, beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, husband, stepfather, friend, supporter, NA sponsor and employee - is sorely missed and will never be forgotten by all who adored him and whose lives he lovingly impacted.

Today, August 28th would have been Danny's 35th birthday. Happy Birthday to him in Heaven!

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