In Memory Of Chris

Chris was our first born and our only son. I used to love when he was younger, to chase after him for kisses. He was very smart and artistic. He loved to draw very detailed pictures which required a lot of time and patience. Chris also loved spending time camping with his father and friends. It was one of his favorite things to do.

I'm Samantha, one of Chris' sisters. Chris had a mischievous smirk, dimples, and a smile that would always get you. He had more depth than most people ever had the chance to see and experience with him and a heart that was kind, pure and forgiving. Chris was a dreamer and he believed in the people around him in a way that lifted others and made them dream along with him. He was resilient and a fighter. He taught many of the people around him what it meant to experience love and loss, joy, and pain, pushing and letting go. He pushed others to find strength and optimism and many lives are forever changed for the better just by knowing my brother.

I'm Rachael, Chris's youngest sister. After 10 years I have learned to not dwell on the things I wish I could have changed for him. It's not that it's easier to not have Chris with me, I have just learned how to remember him in the absolute best light and replaying all the funny moments we had together. I want to smile thinking of Chris or even laugh because we were great at that.

It's so hard to believe that my little boy would be turning 40 years old today. Some of the best memories I have with Junior, as father and son, are when we went camping at Rushford Lake and Stillwater. We started going camping when Jr. was very young. He loved fishing, driving three wheelers all over the backwoods, hiking, exploring or just building a fire. At Stillwater we had to take a boat all the way up the water just to set up our camp site. It was quite an adventure for a young kid! These were some of the best times we ever spent together, I'll bet they are Junior's too, as he thinks about them in heaven.

We would like to thank Robin and her team at Kids Escaping Drugs for all the wonderful and dedicated hard work they do every day. We're also very happy and proud that Christopher's foundation was able to help the Kids Escaping Drugs mission and naming the building after our son, "Palmerton Place." Chris would have loved knowing that he was helping other kids with this terrible disease.

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