Face2Face Back2Basics collaborates with already established primary school programs to begin the conversation about substance use and its consequences. Through age appropriate, engaging activities such as art, music and other dynamic exercises, the topics of bullying, self-esteem and resistance will be addressed and how they relate to drug and alcohol abuse.

The goals of the program include:

  • Interact with students as early as Kindergarten to begin to educate them about the impact of substance abuse.
  • Teach students about topics such as loving someone who struggles with addiction, coping skills, self-image, peer pressure, and resistance skills etc.
  • Use of hands on activities that are educational, but also fun for students to participate in

Available activities include:

  • Art activities with various mediums
  • Creative Writing
  • Role Playing/Theatrics
  • Physical Activities
  • Music
  • Technology


For more information, or to make an appointment please contact:
Ashley Gedra (716) 827-9462 & Brittany Smorol (716) 827-9462