Volunteer To Change Lives

When you sign up to be a Kids Escaping Drugs volunteer you are helping to change lives in our community. We are truly grateful for the volunteers who contribute their time, talent and treasure. If you would like more information about volunteering please fill out the form below, email volunteer@ked.org or call 716.827.9462.

I started to volunteer at Kids Escaping Drugs several years ago when I saw the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on the families and special needs preschoolers through my position as a school psychologist. I have seen the positive impact this organization and programs have on the family and young people receiving services. I have volunteered with wonderful young people who have conquered addiction. The staff at KED are compassionate, caring people who dedicate their lives to helping young people and their families overcome their struggle with addiction. Volunteers are treated with respect and appreciation. The events are always well organized and fun. It’s an honor and pleasure to volunteer for such a vital organization that saves young lives.

– Cathi Ullenbruch
Kids Escaping Drugs Volunteer